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Airfield Lighting Maintenance Management

Airfield Lighting Maintenance Management

Operation of airport safety relies on the quality of the Airfield Ground Lighting, which depends on the quality of the design, installation and maintenance. In todays world good and reliable AGL system is required. In this course, you will learn about reliable and quality system and your own potential as a leader of system.


At the end of the course you will understand the modern methodology of Airfield. Course applies to airfield managers, Airfield Technical engineers, AGL technicians, Airside Lighting related technicians and other technical personnel working in the field of airport systems.

Topics addressed are:

  • Definition of Airfield Ground Lighting & Standards for AGL
  • Products and their Applications
  • Design of Airfield Ground Lighting for all Categories
  • Installation & Commissioning methods & Safety Requirements
  • Operational Requirements and Maintenance methods
  • Apron Flood Lighting

Teaching methods

Teaching methods used will be lectures and Presentation.
The classes will be theoretical and based on lively interaction between the participants. Soft copies of Topics covered will be supplied for self-study and /or practical implementation at airport.


Each participant will receive certificate at the end of the
course, duly signed by international Business School, The Hague and the lecturer for the Airfield Lighting Maintenance Management Course.

Practical information:

  • 4 working days, 3-4 contact hours per day
  • Course Fee – €2800

Admission requirements

To be admitted to the program, please send the following requirements to under the following subject: Airfield Lighting Maintenance Management.

Location: International Business School The Hague, Netherlands

Latitude- 52° 2’12.51″N
Longitude- 4°19’32.74″E

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