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Prof. Dr. Yaakov Weber

About Prof. Dr. Yaakov Weber

2008- Present President, EuroMed Academy of Business 2008 – Present President, EuroMed Research Business Institute 2007- 2012 Chair, Strategy & Entrepreneurship Department, College of Management 2007- 2008 Director, International Business in Global World Executive Program, LAHAV, Recanati School of Management, Tel-Aviv University 2002-2005 Head, International MBA Program, College of Management 1996-2001 Area Head –Strategic Management, M.B.A, Ben – Gurion University. 1997-1998 Chair, Management Department, School of Management, Ben – Gurion University.


Professor, Department of Strategy and Entrepreneurship, College of Business Administration, College of Management, Academic Studies area Israel President. EuroMed Academy of Business and EuroMed Research Business Institute.