The International Business School The Hague (IBSH)

Prof. Dr. Andrew R. Thomas

About Prof. Dr. Andrew R. Thomas

Visiting Professor at International Business School The Hague, 2016 to Present

Associate Professor of Marketing and International Business, University of Akron, AACSB, 2003 to Present (Tenure granted 2012)

Strategic Marketing, Foreign Market Entry, Foreign Distance Analysis, International Business Environments

Core PhD / DBA Faculty, International School of Management, Paris – France, 2008 to Present

DBA / PhD Courses Taught: Global Supply Chain Security, Current Issues in Marketing, Customer Relationship Management

PhD / DBA Faculty, University of Maryland University College, 2010 to Present

DBA Course Taught: Marketing and Management Strategy in the Global Marketplace

Graduate Faculty, Emanuel University of Oradea, Oradea – Romania, 2008 to Present

MBA Courses Taught: Strategic Marketing, International Management


Associate Professor of Marketing and International Business, of Akron


Ph.D., The Bucharest University of Economic Studies, Academia de Studii Economice, International Marketing Dissertation: “Analysis of Global Sales and Distribution Strategies of U.S. Firms in Romania” M.A., The University of Akron, International Political Economy B.A. The University of Akron, Political Science and History


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  • (2015) Andrew R. Thomas. and Timothy J. Wilkinson The Customer Trap: How to Avoid the Biggest Mistake in Business (New York; Apress)
  • (2012) Andrew R. Thomas, Paul N. Thomarios, and Gene Cernan The Final Journey of the Saturn V (Akron, Ohio; University of Akron Press)
  • (2012) Soft Landing: Airline Industry Strategy, Service, and Safety (New York; Apress)
  • (2010) Supply Chain Security: International Practices and Innovations in Moving Goods Safely and Efficiently, 2 Vo. (London; Praeger Security International).
  • (2010) Andrew R. Thomas and Timothy Wilkinson The Distribution Trap! Keeping Your Innovations from Becoming Commodities (Santa Barbara; ABC Clio).
  • ** Winner of the Berry-American Marketing Association Book Prize for the Best Marketing Book of 201
  • (2006) M. David Dealy and Andrew R. Thomas Managing by Accountability: What Every Leader Needs to Know About Responsibility, Integrity… and Results (London; Quorum).
  • (2005) M. David Dealy and Andrew R. Thomas Change or Die! How to Transform Your Organization from the Inside Out, (Westport; Praeger).
  • (2004) M. David Dealy and Andrew R. Thomas Defining the Really Great Boss (Westport; Praeger).
  • (2003) Aviation Insecurity: The New Challenges of Air Travel (Amherst; Prometheus).
  • (2003) Jeanne Halladay-Coughlin and Andrew R. Thomas The Rise of Women Entrepreneurs: People, Processes, and Global Trends (London; Quorum).
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