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Gaurav Shorey

About Gaurav Shorey

Gaurav Shorey is one of the trainer for Airfield Lighting Management programmed for IBSH. He also delivers the courses in airfield lighting and Visual docking guidance system courses.

He is currently the Director Operations of AMA Airfield Lighting, an India based company who is pioneer in Airfield Lighting System in INDIA.


Airfield Lighting Management Course Trainer


Electrical engineer and MBA in Project Management

Gaurav has over 20 years experience of airfield Lighting and visual docking guidance systems. He has written a book on Airfield Ground Lighting, which is published by Amazon USA.

He has worked extensively for many Airfield Lighting systems within India and delivered many trainings in India, Singapore &Maldives.

Gaurav has developed and delivered customer based training & seminar on Airfield Lighting and Visual Docking Systems. He is qualified electrical engineer and MBA in Project Management.

He has designed and executed many CAT II and CATIIIB Airfield Lighting Projects within India and continuing his work in designing and managing big turnkey projects.

Gaurav has exclusive partnership with International Business School, The Hague for customizing and delivering courses in Airfield Lighting and Aerodrome Safety and Operations along with Visual Aids required for operations.