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Beatrice Eyong Enege

About Beatrice Eyong Enege

Beatrice graduated with a Master of Science in Agricultural Extension in 1997 from the University of Reading, United Kingdom. She has 30 years professional experience and specialise in gender responsive budgeting, gender and peace building, training programme development, micro finance, agricultural extension and management of extension staff. Beatrice currently works with the United Nations.


Member of Advisory Board


MSc. in Agricultural Extension University of Reading, the United Kingdom, 1996-1997 Diploma in tropical agriculture Technical School of Agriculture-Bambili, Cameroon, 1983-1985 Diploma in Integrated Rural Development concentrating on Project Planning and management, Pan African Institute for Development West Africa, Buea-Cameroon, 1990-1991 Diploma in Women, Extension workers and Agriculture, Larenstein International Agricultural collegeDeventer, the Netherlands, 1993-1994

Papers written (not published)

Designing an appropriate extension system for landless women farmers in the South West Province of Cameroon presented to the University of Reading, United Kingdom-September 1997

Designing a women’s section for the Sustainable Livestock Foundation presented to the Larenstein International Agricultural College(LIAC) Deventer, the Netherlands-June 1994

Effects and impact of poor water supply on women’s participation in development presented to the PAID-WA Buea, Cameroon-June 1991.

Maximising Success 2005

Prizes and awards: