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Short Course in Sustainable Finance

Programme Fee

€ 2,500 (excl. 21% VAT) including course materials, and lunches and snacks if applicable. Incase of Online Participation, lunches will be borne by participants. These fees do not include hotel

Course Location

IBSH The Hague Campus

Short Course in Sustainable Finance

Executive programme

Three-day programme

The Sustainable Finance programme addresses the why, what, how of sustainable finance. If you’re open to a change of mindset, then discover why change management is needed, and learn the practical tools for implementing sustainable investing and lending.

Learning Objectives

  • earn how finance can be used to increase businesses’ contribution to a sustainable economy
  • understand how the global economy is transitioning to sustainability.
  • learn how companies and financial institutions can adapt to a more sustainable economic model
  • explore the newest approaches in sustainable investing and lending
  • learn how to engage with companies and set up an active dialogue
  • discover practical tools to implement sustainable investing and lending in your organisation
  • join an international network of academics and practitioners.


The transition to a sustainable economy
There’s a trend in business for moving towards long- term value creation
combining financial, social and environmental values. How can finance
contribute – or even speed up – this transition to a sustainable economy?
What are the pathways to sustainable investing and lending for the
financial sector? And what challenges are ahead? The key challenge is
long-term integration of financial, social and environmental dimensions.

Contribute to a sustainable financial sector

Leading academics and experts in asset management and banking will show you that you don’t have to sacrifice returns to integrate social and environmental dimensions. You will be able to contribute to a financial sector which fulfils its role in society by allocating funds towards sustainable companies and projects.
This programme will explore the latest methods for sustainable investing and lending, which you can adopt in your own organisation.

Value for you and your company

  • After this programme, you will:
    recognise the links between finance and sustainability Challenges
  • understand the global economy’s transition to sustainability
  • identify how companies and financial institutions can adapt to a more sustainable economic model
  • become familiar with the latest approaches in sustainable investing and lending
  • be able to set up a useful dialogue with companies that are already part of the transition
  • know how to implement sustainable investing and lending in your organization
  • become part of a network of academics and practitioners in
    sustainable finance.

Day 1: 09:00 – 17:00


  • Sustainability challenges
  • Integrating financial, social and environmental dimensions
  • Internalising externalities
  • Guest speaker
  • Purpose of ‘the company’
  • Governance and behaviour
  • Case study: engagement and dialogue between investor and company

Day 2: 09:00 – 17:00

What and how

  • Transition of company business models and strategy
  • Case study: value drivers in business models
  • Investing for long-term value creation, and letting go of old habits
  • Examples of measurements for alternative allocation and performanc
  • Equity investing
  • Case study: adjusting value drivers for investing
  • Guest speaker – a practitioner
  • Scenario analysis

Day 3: 09:00 – 17:00

What and how

  • Debt: lending and corporate bonds
  • Examples of impact of sustainability on credit risk
  • Sovereign bonds
  • Case study: impact on sovereign risk, for example Sweden with carbon tax
  • Change management
  • Guest speaker
  • Develop a business case for your own organisation
  • Overview: important learning objectives

You are …
You are a middle or senior manager from any sector with responsibilities in assets, banking, policy or sustainability, or a manager in the financial sector.
Programme design
Three-day course with interactive teaching and working on business cases in small groups. Guest speakers will explain the global trends in sustainable finance, and how the financial system is being transformed.

  • Classroom sessions
  • Open discussions
  • In-class exercises
  • Study of business cases
  • Application of practical tools

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