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Short Course in Advance Public International Law tailored for Career Development

Short Course in Advance Public International Law tailored for Career Development

This short-course on Advance Public International Law is an open training designed to enhance the knowledge level and prospects for those aspiring to gain entry or maintain stronger position in the services of international oriented organisations; public or private sectors. The course offers vital education on fundamental areas of international public law where prospective candidates are expected to demonstrate essential knowledge of the legal framework and declarations that guide operations within the mandate of international relations.

The course will be advantageous to candidates with professional interests on knowledge of legal principles that govern our international community.

The course is suitable for officials from the services of national government, multinational corporations, security sector, non-profit (international) organisations, as well as donor and development agencies. Of significance, prospective candidates aiming to gain entry or change a career within these sectors stand to enhance their chances of being competitive with the knowledge that comes with this course.

Course Coverage:

  • Foundations and Structure of International Law
  • Sources of International Law
  • Law of Treaties
  • Actors in the international legal system
  • Jurisdiction
  • Immunity from National Jurisdiction and Diplomatic Protection
  • State Responsibility
  • International Human Rights Law
  • Peaceful Settlement of Disputes
  • International Regulation on the use of force

Course Duration:

3 months (intensive)

Mode of Training:

Face-to-face online in small group setting


The fee for this short course is For 2 weeks the fee is 2200 euros and for 3 months the course fee is 3840 euros.  There is guarantee of refund in case of cancellation that is notified within a period of not less than two weeks before the date of course commencement. Please, note that in circumstance of cancellation, the sum of 200 euros will be deducted from the fully paid course fee as an administrative cost.


Participants will obtain advanced diploma certificate award at the completion of this course (no ECTS credits are gained).

Globalization requires crucial knowledge of transnational rules from organisations and their personnel

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