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Maintenance Management

Maintenance Management

Maintenance management is the process of maintaining and preserving physical assets and resources like buildings and machinery to improve asset availability and reliability, maximize the efficacy of core services, and control and reduce costs. Improper planning and execution of maintenance will lead to avoidable costs, dangerous situations, and, in extreme cases, complete loss of assets.

In this course, the principles of maintenance management will be taught, including the legal framework, establishing a maintenance strategy and plan and run a maintenance programme.

The course is useful for managers overseeing the maintenance of facilities and equipment, and officials involved in planning (public) buildings and public building maintenance.

Topics addressed are:

  • Introduction to maintenance management concepts and definitions
  • Management basics: time, resource and fiance planning, quality and risk management 
  • Strategies and plans for specific maintenance management situations
  • Use of CMMS and project management software to plan and monitor maintenance management activities
  • Case studies and assignments on specific maintenance management topics


At the end of the course, participants will have a good understanding of the fundamental concepts of maintenance management and their practical application.

Course Information

The course focuses on the processes of maintenance management rather than on the technical aspects of maintenance. Issues like establishing goals, drawing up a maintenance plan, budgeting for maintenance and overseeing a mainentance programme are major elements of the course.


Participants will receive a certificate of participation.

Course Format

  • The course can either be taken in a 5-day (2 units per day) or a 10-day (one unit per day) format.
  • Alternative options, like an online format or a course on location can be arranged. 


To be admitted to the program, please send the following requirements to under the following subject: Admission Maintenance Management.

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