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Certificate Course in Content Marketing

Certificate Course in Content Marketing

The 8-Week Certificate Course in Content Marketing is designed to provide hands-on expert skills and understanding in utilizing various forms of digital tools to enhance the production, delivery and enhancing of content to engage and retain customers brands. As well as acquiring the practical skills to design, implement and manage effective Content Marketing strategies, you will also amass considerable specialist knowledge through the case studies and real-life applications of the concepts.

Who Should Attend?

The Certificate Course in Content Marketing is ideal for anyone hoping to enhance their skills in creating, delivering and optimizing content for customer acquisition and retention -whether in their current organization, in a new company, industry or as a business owner.

Emphasis throughout the programme is placed on developing you as a practical and proactive Content Marketing professional. The course delivery enhances your skills in either developing content relevant to your brand or as a content marketing consultant.

Course Delivery

  • One-on- one Private sessions
  • Personal coaching
  • 1 hour private class time

What You Get On Enrolment

  • Content templates for use in your organization.
  • Course handbook including checklists & 50 recommended conversion goals.
  • Personalised content creation calendar.

What Can You Expect?

The course will be undertaken online through a mix of lectures, case studies, interactive workshops and private & personal coaching. The course delivery methods are intended to provide an in-depth understanding of the latest techniques for improving your branding building efforts.

The first part of the course will feature 1 hour of private, one-on-one interactive session each week with practical case studies. The last part of the course will be based on application of actionable steps to your brand as well as private coaching and advice.


The Certificate Course in Content Marketing is awarded by the International Business School, The Hague (Rijswijk Campus, Netherlands). By completing the course, you will be qualified to implement Content Marketing strategies aT mid-levels of an organization.

Enrollment Fee

The course fee is €650, payable on enrolment. Offered Multiple times in a year


Bonuses for first 20 enrolled participants:
  • Setting up your ‘content marketing machine’ – undertaking a content audit of your brand and providing a personalized content strategy for the next 3 months.
  • Setting up a complete data analytics strategy for your brand including search engine audit and advice.
  • Business coaching to apply content marketing strategy to company-wide growth objectives.

Course Experts

This course will introduce you to the most important & transformative aspects of Content Marketing, delivered by both industry practitioners and academic experts.


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