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Corporate Communications

Corporate Communications

All involved in business and all future leaders should be fully aware of the contribution of communication to the value chain of a company. Communication is a key element in the external relations of a company, involving marketing, sales, customer and supplier relations and more. Well-functioning internal communication in a company is essential for adequate information flow, good relations between staff members and optimal cooperation between various departments of a company. This short course will address both internal and external communication in a corporate setting.

Topics addressed are:

  1. Communication theory and basics
  2. Communication skills:
    1. Presentations
    2. Written communication
    3. Negotiations
  3. External communication:
    1. Corporate identity and branding
    2. Communication in social media and online marketing
    3. Communication with stakeholders


At the end of the course participants will have acquired knowledge about internal and external corporate communication and will have acquired specific skills in various aspects of communication such as presentation, negotiation and others.

Teaching methods

The course will be a mixture of lectures, case studies and practical exercises.


Participants will receive a certificate of participation.

Practical information:

  • Two weeks
  • Ten working days
  • 3-4 contact hours per day
  • Assignments and group activities for self-study

Offered several times per year

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