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Advanced Diploma in International Law

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Advanced Diploma in International Law

Traditionally law is the set of legal norms that regulate life in society. The city of The Hague is the city of international justice and The International Business School The Hague (IBSH) has decided to teach a course of law living up to the Dutch legal regime, which is one of the most democratic and best performing according to the ranking of the Rule of Law Index.

The program is a mix between Private Law and International Law. The program provides collection of texts from various branches of Law, which
includes: Administrative law; Civil Law; Commercial law; Comparative law; European law and Human Rights Law etc.
There will be one evening class of three hours per week. Participants will get reading materials and assignments.


The aim of the course is to give a global view of the various branches of law, giving the student the possibility of acquiring knowledge in various branches of law and later, if he decides to deepen the branch of law that interests him the most, for a variety of reasons, such as professional, personal likes or others.

Focus group

This program is recommended to all those who possess or intend to pursue a legal career, namely lawyers and solicitors and their employees who will secrete them, such as receptionists and secretaries of legal offices.

Teaching methods

During the course teacher will expose the lesson according to the different branch of law. It will be followed by a practical exercise carried out by the students, which is intended to consolidate knowledge.
The idea will be to explain clearly the theoretical principles of the various branches of law in an easy way.

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