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Dr. Gilber Eyabi

About Dr. Gilber Eyabi

Gilbert has lived in Germany as well as the United States and his native Cameroon. He is involved in establishing a relationship between the cities of Anderson, South Carolina, and Buea, Cameroon.

He believes a math degree opens numerous possibilities in academia and beyond, “from being a lawyer to working as an expert in a bank.”


Associate Professor of Mathematics, Anderson University Bachelor of Science, University of Buea (Cameroon), Mathematics Master of Science, University of Buea (Cameroon), Mathematics Doctor of Philosophy, Clemson University, Mathematics



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  • Eyabi, G., and Laskar, Renu. 2006. Further results on holes in L(2,1)-coloring of graphs. Proceedings of the 37th SE International Congress on Combinatorics, Graph Theory and Computing.
  • Eyabi, Gilbert, et al. 2012. Minimal rankings of Cartesian products of complete graphs. Discussiones Mathematicae, Graph Theory 32: 725–735.