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Bachelor of Business Studies

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The Hague


3 years


September & March

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Full Time

Bachelor of Business Studies

The International Business School, The Hague (I.B.S.H) Netherlands offers a Bachelor of Arts in Business Studies. The three-year (180 ECTS) BSc Programme in Business Studies offers a unique blend of academic education in business studies, management and development; and a unique combination of theoretical training, practical exercises and professional internship positions. You will get the chance to specialize in any of the following topics: Banking and Finance, Finance and Accounting, Human Resource Management, International Marketing, Hospitality, Tourism and Hotel Management, Business Information Technology Management, Business Management.

The IBSH programme ‘bachelor’s in business studies’ has a unique structure of two general years and one specialisation year. In only three years you can specialise in various highly demanded fields of business. IBSH bachelor’s in business studies: your fast lane into your business career.

*Please note that our bachelor programmes are presently offered via our partner S.S.M.L. Adriano Macagno from Italy. For details see: Accreditation

Semester 1

Course nameCourse CodeECTS (Credits)
Principles of ManagementBS1-102 / BIR1-1025
Accounting IBS1-1035
Introduction to Economics & Economic HistoryBS1-104 / BIR1-1045
Introduction to MarketingBS1-1055
Business EnglishBS1-106 / BIR1-1065
International Business Law IBS1-107 / BIR1-1075

Semester 2

Course nameCourse CodeECTS (Credits)
Marketing ManagementBS1-2015
Human Resources ManagementBS1-2025
Introduction to FinanceBS1-2035
Business Computing I Computer literacyBS1-204 / BIR1-2045
Mathematics for BusinessBS1-2055
Academic SkillsBS1-206 BIR1-2065

Semester 3

Course nameCourse CodeECTS (Credits)
Statistics for BusinessBS2-1085
Accounting II Cost accountingBS2-1105
Business Computing II (Business and the Internet)BS2-1125
Finance IIBS2-1135

Semester 4

Course nameCourse CodeECTS (Credits)
Operations ManagementBS2-2075
Academic SkillsBS2-208 / BIR2-2105
Marketing ResearchBS2-2095
Decision MakingBS2-2105
International Business Law IIBS2-2115
International BusinessBS2-2125

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