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Health Care Management ( 8ECTS)

Health Care Management

This course is designed to be covered in 12 weeks (10 ECTS) or 2 weeks (4 ECTS).

Challenges in health care delivery expectations globally mandate health care managers and professionals to acquire context specific managerial skills. An intensivefull timehealth care management course is organised twice every year to enable health care professionals to acquire skills from experienced professionals. The course shall be delivered using 2 models based on the needs of potential participants:

  • Advanced Health Care Management (12 Weeks, 10 ECTS):Lectures shall be held 3 days a week. Two days shall be devoted to individual reading and completion of course assignments.
  • Intensive Health Care Management Course for Professionals (2 weeks, 4 ECTS ): This is an intensive model with lectures held daily

At the end of the course, attendees are expected to better fit into managerial roles in hospitals, nursing homes, private practices, Non – Governmental Organizations (NGOs) and health policy making. The modules shall be delivered as lectures, case presentations, and practical demonstration onsite visits to selected health care facilities.

Each cohort shall be limited to a maximum of 20 participants.

Selection criteria: (CV)

Course Outline:

  • Managerial skills for health care managers
  • Organizational behavior
  • Advanced Healthcare Leadership
  • Health Quality Management and Improvement
  • Emotional intelligence, empathy and virtue in health care(Patient Centred Health Care Delivery)
  • Ethical and legal issues in the health care setting
  • Financial management
  • Human Resources planning and management
  • Balancing research and patient care in hospital settings
  • Project management

Course Fee

  • 5.500 Euros for the Advanced Health Care Management
  • 2.500 Euros for the Health Care Management Course for Professionals

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